Souldiers NOVA GRANDE ATUALIZAÇÃO v1.1.1 Faz correção de bugs e Balanceamento do Jogo e mais

Se você está jogando Souldiers nos video game deve já ter esbarrado em alguns desses bugs. Que o jogo é difícil? Sim com toda certeza, mas o que é frustrante mesmo são os bugs e a lentidão do jogo pelo menos para mim, e claro aquela maldita poção que não recupera nada de vida e ainda é bem cara.

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Parece que essa grande atualização já tinha acontecido para a versão de PC na Steam e agora depois de muito tempo está saindo para os consoles, Xbox, Playstation e Nintendo Switch.

\- Added resolution selection options to Options Video menu.

\- Added new save statues and checkpoints in Spider Lair, Floating Module, Fire Temple, Forest of Fyr, Sunken Laboratory, Tempes Plains, Great Pyramid and Hafin Sewers.

\- Archer arrows do reduced damage instead of missing if hitting far targets.

\- On retry, recover HP up to a certain % depending on difficulty (100% in Easy, 50% in Medium and Hard).

\- Increase rock push/pull speed.

\- Mana bar is refilled when getting a skill sphere, so skills can be tested.

\- Warm necklace no longer needs to be equipped to give protection from high temperatures, and now has more effects.

\- Removed teleporter confinement restriction during the Great Pyramid arc.

\- Statue checkpoint menu appears automatically after first activation to avoid confusion.

\- Great Pyramid secret spinning doors are now marked in the map when on camera, no need to enter. Visited ones are marked different for extra clarity.

\- Marked Great Pyramid’s opened globus doors as opened in map.

Correções de bugs:

\- Wizard: Avoid consuming mana if a skill's startup animation is interrupted by blocking/rolling.

\- Relocated wings in Sangrigor combat.

\- Fixed maps from other zones being slightly visible in Great Pyramid and Forest of Fyr.

\- Prevent changing difficulty on New Game +.

\- Fixed Euder race sometimes being in an unbeatable state.

\- Fixed big cauldron room in Fire Temple leading to void room below if returning after rising lava section.

\- Fixed softlock when Melian sometimes misses a wind switch in a Sunken Laboratory scene.

\- Fixed project 0,5 combat not finishing sometimes (right door keeps open).

\- Fixed volume of some ambience sounds.

\- Fixed next scene load after returning from failing Colisseum sidequest never finish loading.

\- Fixed player having wrong collision size during death animation if killed in slime form.

\- Fixed pig bomb rotation being wrong sometimes.

\- Fixed Archer Skirmish not working with hidden Nomad Thiefs and Battos.

\- Fixed Archer Skirmish arrows sometimes getting stuck forever.

\- Fixed some props/gameplay elements sometimes not appearing.

\- Fixed Scout Parry stamina cost being way too high.

\- Fixed Galath's blue grenades not exploding when touched by other grenades, and causing stamina damage when deflected correctly.

\- Fixed Panacea item not curing 'Paralysed' status.

\- Fixed crusher blocks and electric coils sometimes remaining frozen.

\- Fixed Altera Punisher not detecting the player after retrying.

\- Fixed Sunken Laboratory pressure jets not affecting pig bombs.

\- Fixed game lock if leveling up after receiving a killing hit before hitting the ground.

\- Fixed Spider Lair geysers affecting the player when in a cutscene or dead.

\- Fixed being able to save a trapped soldier at Spider Lair with the Wizard before the quest starts.

\- Fixed a falling chest in the Great Pyramid.

\- Fixed camera limits with ultra-wide resolutions.

\- Fixed Dark Sword being reachable without the bridge.


\- General reduction of enemy health and damage in all difficulties.

\- Adjusted weapons' shard cost.

\- Reduced roll cooldown.

\- Increased player turn/crouch speed

\- Increased player stamina regeneration rate.

\- Increased detection time for perfect blocks (reflecting blue attacks).

\- Set same initial HP of Archer and Wizard as Scout.

\- Reduced mana cost of all classes' skills.

\- Increased size of damage area of Scout air attacks.

\- Increased attack hitbox of Archer arrows

\- Increased detection time of Archer Skirmish attack for easier execution.

\- Reduced number of levels for each increase in Archer's number of arrows.

\- Increased Archer bow damage.

\- Increase Wizard's homing target detection area and damage.

\- Improved area and duration of Wizard 'Vital sproutling' skill.

\- Increased Wizard mana regeneration rate.

\- Decreased mana cost of detonating Wizard clones.

\- Reduced mana cost of Wizard Spellweaver attacks.

\- Increase damage of rebounded Ionic Nail (reflected Altera Marauder attack)

\- Increased Drones speed and player detection radius.

\- Improved healing potion HP restored.

\- Improved mana and stamina recovery of Restorer potion.

\- Revised some hard jumps in Sunken Laboratory.

\- Improved necklaces' healing properties.

\- Improved effect of Regeneration vial.

\- Revised map shop prices.

\- Blocked a lift in Great Pyramid to lead player on the path to get the yellow globus.

\- Increased time to beat Spider Lair's torch puzzle.

\- Revised wait times in some electric coils in Floating Module.

\- Tweaked turrets speed and removed traps in Great Pyramid.

\- Fire Temple torches don't turn off automatically anymore.

\- Increased money dropped by monsters.

\- Revised elemental weaknesses in bosses and midbosses.

\- Reduced stamina (shield) damage of most enemies.

\- Reduced chance of causing adverse effects in common enemies' attacks.

\- Reduced flying distance from player for Harpy, Gargoyle, Storm Raven, Altera Marauder, Hipicus and Scarab.

\- Increased time between attacks of Harpy, Scarab, Storm Raven, Altera Marauder, Sand Slime, Electric Slime, Hipicus, Gargoyle.

\- Reduced attack boxes in Altera Punisher's attack and Dark Razor combo and jump attack.

\- Reduced damaging box size of Babylon's wheel and Beigon's cut attack.

\- Removed stun property in Aguinox attacks.

\- Added some gold when defeating Birk.

\- Remove Hipicus damage reflection while firing, and changed invulnerability to elemental resistance.

\- Changed Kyut's invulnerability when armored to elemental resistance.

\- Removed Scarab invulnerability.

\- Revised Golems' max projectile distance.

\- Revised hitboxes of some enemies (Altera Marauder, Mothena, Gargoyle, Pyramancer, Altera Punisher, Storm Raven, Avalerion, Dark Claw, Beastaurus, Guardian of Anubis)

\- Increased Enchanter delay between spawning minions, reduced maximum of simultaneous minions.

\- Reduced size of Galath grab attack box.

\- Increased Gargoyle delay after landing.

\- Increased HP items dropped by Lion Tree.

\- Slowed startup of Minotaur's direct axe attack.

\- Reduced duration of Storm Raven and Electric Slimes' electrified area.

\- Readjusted enemies of one of Fire Temple enclosed encounters.

\- Removed some flying enemies in Tempes Plains and Spider Lair.

\- Removed some ledges in Spider Lair's torch puzzle.

\- Removed 2 rounds in Tempes Mines challenge.

\- Removed some Salamanders in Fire Temple.
Outras mudanças:
\- Added Traditional Chinese localization.

\- Restore health after Brigard and Beigon combats.

\- Increased visual size of Wizard healing tree skill to better match the healing zone.

\- Removed time freeze when effective attacks hit.

\- Enlarged Pig Bomb's contact zone with switches for better feedback.

\- Readjusted sand platforms in Royal Scorpion combat for clarity.

\- Player-tracking turrets in Floating Module don't fire if outside the camera.
Souldiers é um jogo indie de metroidvania e ação-aventura com elementos de RPG desenvolvido pela Retro Forge e publicado pela Dear Villagers, um ramo da Plug In Digital. Foi lançado em 2 de junho de 2022 para Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

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